Plant Tour

Starting the Process

At Concentris Metal Strategies (I) Pvt. Ltd. it all starts with our customer, you. We can take your imagination/creativity, prints, and/or sample to our design department. After a through discussion and understanding a joint meeting is called with other departments: Quality, Tooling, Production, Machining, Logistics etc. Our entire team comes up with a strategy for successful production.

Our team’s goal is to always produce a “Quality” and “Cost Effective” product to put more profits in our customer’s pocket. In many cases we are able to recommend design modifications that will increase productivity. Once the strategy is decided, our design and mold making team creates the 3D drawing using top of the line modeling software on the computer.

Mold Making

Our Tool Maker, after precise programming, sends the data to the CNC machining centers. The actual metal tool cutting starts here. In order to get accurate and the best productivity and tool life, we select the best suitable metal for the respective tool.

With in the promised tool making period we process the first casting for a customer evaluation. Our team makes final changes to the tool, if any, up on completion of customer’s review of the casting. After final approval is given, we move on to the casting process. Our machine shop is equipped with robust mills and lathes.

Aluminum melting

At this stage we are ready to melt respective aluminum alloy. Each ingot is certified as to its purity. The ingot is brought in from storage and preheated to remove any moisture.

The ingot is then placed in the crucible (the silicon carbide crucibles are where the aluminum alloy is melted) which is heated to approximately 1300 degrees F. Temperature control is important in all aspects of the pouring process. The use of temperature sensors is utilized to insure required temperature control.

The molten aluminum is then poured into the mold and allowed to freeze or solidify over a predetermined time period. Once this is completed, the casting gets removed from the mold and gets placed on a pallet for it to go through the rest of the process.

Removal of risers, gates and inlets are performed on the saw. Then the part moves to the further processes.

Machine Shop

Robust machining centers are used to provide additional services to the customer. The parts go to the machine shop once they come from the finishing department. The shop is run by talented machinists and operators who operate machines to the required customer specifications.

Our machines can perform a wide variety of operations: turning, facing, grooving, drilling, boring, tapping chamfering, countersinking, profiling, knurling, reaming, tapering, threading, counter bores and radius.

Final Detailing

Finish work which includes deburring, sanding, grinding, vibro finishing, shot blasting etc. provide additional job cost savings. Reducing the amount of work required in the customer's shop means that cost is reduced by lessening or eliminating the need for extra handling of the part. Light assembly such as stamping part numbers, attaching labels, bagging and packaging to customer specifications are all available. Complete assembly is offered as an additional service to improve the customer's profit margin. One-stop-shop, and your product will be shipped.

Go or No Go

During and after many procedures of all the machining operations Concentris performs quality checks to ensure the manufactured part satisfy the exact customer specifications. The tasks vary from performing Statistical Process Control on machined castings, to using "go/no-go gauges" to pressure testing.

Our quality program is always improving as we change to meet our customer's requirements.

Our Quality Assurance Program is designed to meet a wide variety of industries, including commercial, military, automotive, industrial, utility and farming. Our primary goal is to customer satisfaction.

Ready to Ship

After all quality and order requirements are met, the final inspection is performed in the logistics department. 100% inspection is done by highly trained and dedicated staff at our logistics department. They are the final approval authority. Once they are satisfied, the parts are carefully packed and shipped according to the customer instructions.

This concludes your tour of Concentris Metal Strategies (I) Pvt. Ltd. Thank you for your time.